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Frequently Asked Questions
1.Do we earn miles for our trip?

General speaking, all airlines will allow you to earn miles for your trip with their own mileage program. However, if 
you want to accumulate the miles at their partners' acccount, you need to double check with the partners airlines directly. 

2.Can we use our miles to upgrade?

You need to meet three conditions. First, paying the upgradeable fares,which is normally higher than group fare
or any other promotion fares. Second, you need to have enough miles in one account for at least oneway trip.
Third, the upper level class should be available, otherwise you will be put on the waitinglist.

3.Do we get a seat assignment?

Seat assignments are regulated by each airline independently, and cannot be guaranteed. We can request seating for you. 
We can also assign seating for you if the airline has released seating to us for allocation. However, most airlines only
release a limited number of seats to be pre-assigned by travel agents. The remaining seats, including bassinet/bulkhead
and exit row sections, are held by the airline as “blocked” seating for Internet and airport check-in.  Any seating 
requests that we are not able to pre-allocate will be handled directly by 
the airline.

4.What is bassinet/bulkhead seating, and what are the requirements?

Bassinet seating is also commonly referred to the bulkhead section. Generally this is the first row of each section of the 
aircraft were cots provided by the airline can be attached to the wall separating cabins for infants to placed.  
Each airline has it's own requirements for their bassinet section based on age and weight restrictions.  Please note that 
the armrests in this section cannot be moved up or down, as these house the meal tray and entertainment systems for this
section of the aircraft on most airlines. Allocation of these seats is based solely upon airline discretion. The bassinet-
bulkhead cannot be pre-assigned. If you are not traveling with an infant, your chances for being assigned this section are 
slim. Please let your travel advisor know if you are interested in this seating option, and we will be happy to notify
 the airline of your request.

5.Can we sit in the emergency exit row?

For most international travel exit rows are on a request basis only.  Please let your travel agent know if you are interested
in this section, and we will notify the airline. Please note that children under 16 years old and passengers with 
disabilities are not allowed to sit in the exit row section, as these seats are reserved for passengers capable of assisting 
other passengers in the event an emergency evacuation is necessary.  If you are over 6’4 and/or hold an higher-level
frequent flyer status with the airline you are flying, the chances of your being assigned this section of seating during 
check-in are much higher.  Nearly all exit rows for international travel are assigned at check-in.

6.What do you do if you are unable to secure pre-assigned seating or want to make changes?

Most airlines now block much of their seating for airport and Internet check-in so there are a couple of options open to 
individuals and families who were unable to get assigned seating or would like to change or confirm their preferences. 
One option is Internet check in.
Some airlines also offer 48hour advance check-in and seat confirmation via their Website.  A certain amount of previously
blocked seating is released for this purpose. If Internet check-in is not an option for your needs, it is our recommendation
that you arrive to the airport early and discuss your options with an airline representative. 

7.Can you assist us in getting free tickets by redeeming our miles?

Unfortunately, you have to deal with the airlines directly as they will not allow a third party to arrange this for you.

8.What is the difference between a baby lap ticket and an infant seat? 

With lap ticket, your baby does not have his or her own seat. Instead, he or she is sitting on your lap. If you would like the 
baby has his or her own seat, or you would like to have extra room for yourself, infant seat is another option. Obviously, 
infant seat costs much more than lap ticket.
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