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Price: 1686.00 per person
Day 1  Arrive in Urumqi, fly to Kashi, stay at Barony Hotel.

Day 2  Full day tour in Kashi

Day 3  Fly to Urumqi, transfer to Hoi Tak hotel.

Day 4  visit the Heavenly Lake and Museumand excursion

Day 5  Transfer to Turpan by car, visit the ruins of Jiache city,
       Karez well, Emin Minaret. After dinner, enjoy Uygur dance 
       show. Over night at Turpan Oasis hotel.

Day 6  Visit the ruins of Gaochang city, Flaming Mountains, Thousand
       Buddha caves, Astana ancient tomb. After dinner drive to Turpan
       rainway station, and up to the soft sleeper train to Liuyuan.
Day 7  Arrive in Liuyuan in the morning and drive to Dunhuang.
       Stay at Dunhuang Guesthouse.

Day 8  Full day tour to Mogao Grottes and Sound Sand Hill.

Day 9  Depart for your next destination.

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