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Tour-Chinese Wedding: Traditional Wedding in Beijing
Treat yourselves to a traditional Chinese wedding

Savor Chinese hospitality at its festive & exciting best.
Celebrate your marriage in a tiny village nestled in the fertile farm country near the foot of 
the Great Wall and a short drive from the scenic Dragon Gorge. 

Your customized wedding package typically includes

*	Air fare to Beijing & return
*	Lodging in Beijing
*	Ground travel to South Hill Village & back to Beijing
*	Rental of traditional costumes (bride keeps veil & shoes)
*	Sedan chair for bride
*	Horse for bridegroom
*	Band playing Chinese music
*	Firecrackers
*	Banquet for you & your guests
*	Wedding photographs
*	DVD of wedding ceremony & banquet
*	Choice of motorboat cruise in Dragon Gorge or visit to Great Wall via aerial
                tramway, immediately after wedding banquet

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