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Customized Homestay-a personal touch that brings intercultural learning alive

Our Customized Homestay Program opens the door to understanding Chinese culture on a personal level. 
Stay with a Chinese family and immerse yourself in the language and the cultural milieu. Your host family
will provide a safe, clean, and comfortable shelter while you explore that 6,000-year-old heritage.

We customize your homestay, matching the host family’s proficiency in speaking English to your fluency in
Chinese. The better able you are to speak Chinese, the less important is your host family’s ability to speak
English. This process promotes better communication and understanding between you and your hosts, 
making your stay not only more productive but also more enjoyable. 

We can match your needs with a host family in any one of three categories:

a.	Host family is fluent in English;
b.	Host family has some English;
c.	Host family has no English.

We coordinate your language school classroom learning with your immersion in the welcoming warmth 
of the host family household, affording you a genuine and personally enriching intercultural experience..

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